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“We install and seamlessly integrate state of the art technologies into custom homes and businesses while focusing on simplicity and customer relations as our top priority. We believe our intuitive systems will result in customized dream home experiences.”



    ELAN released their new 8.0 platform which is AWESOME! One of the biggest things announced is they have joined with Amazon to use the ECHO for voice control that works seamlessly with ELAN! We at NHT have played with and seen this in action and it is game changing for all our customers! Please take the link to read more and call us for more info!

  • New Sony Z9D

    Free Roku with purchase of Z9D series Sonys

    Sony Z9D models are now shipping! Every year sony keeps surprising us with more features and industry-leading technology! We are so excited about this new TV we will be giving away a free Roku 4 for every Z9D model you buy! Call us today this offer will not last long!


Specialized Services 

Home Automation

 Full Swing Golf 

We are very excited to announce that we have picked up Full Swing Golf Simulators. We believe that with technology you get what you pay for, and Full Swing delivers that and more! We picked Full Swing to be our go to simulator because they are the most reliable and accurate. Many of the biggest names in golf like Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods, have their own simulators for training and to enjoy the fun of the game from their own home. Here in Minnesota golf simulators are rising in popularity from the price becoming more afford and allowing you to work on your golf game year round. Watch the video as Jordan talks about the simulator he has in his home.

Our Process for your Dream Home Experience

Most folks we meet with are not aware of everything that we offer. We like to start off having an hour or so meeting to make introductions, give a brief history, and explain all of the options and strategies. Our main goal when meeting a potential client is to leave with the sense that we know exactly what the needs and dreams are. From there we strive to not only meet every expectation, but to exceed in every area and generate a plan that will optimize the client’s space.