Lighting Design 

Lighting is a centerpiece of your house that is often overlooked. Professionally designed lighting in layers, scenes, and fixtures can accent features in your home. Don’t just throw up a bunch of 6 inch recessed lights and call it a day. NorthStar Home Technologies’ easy customization process offers lighting design, products, and installation that will meet your lighting needs.

Lighting Control 

Lighting is a major player in creating an atmosphere. Whether dimming the lights in your home theater or setting up an away-schedule for while you are out of town, NorthStar offers lighting solutions that will go to work for you.

  • Customizable zones and scenes with master switches
  • Dusk to Dawn exterior lighting schedules
  • Randomized out-of-town lighting schedules to simulate activity
  • Integration with home automation means control at your fingertips with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices from any location
Kitchen and great room

Landscape Lighting 

Exterior lighting can have such a powerful impact on your curb appeal as well as the security of your home. NorthStar offers simple and elegant landscape lighting designs that are sure to impress.

  • Flood and Spotlights
  • Stair and walkway lights
  • Deck lighting
  • Dusk to Dawn sensors and timers
  • Low voltage and energy efficient
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